Going digital is no longer a choice. Your business thrives or dies based on how you use technology. Consult with us to boost your revenue, cut costs, and launch successful products and services. The proof is in our portfolio. So reach out now with what you’re looking to achieve. I’ll give you a quick idea of the digital strategies I’d recommend. If you choose to do a paid consultation, we’ll deeply research your business and industry and meet with you and any other stakeholders. Then we’ll produce a clearly documented plan which we can even help you execute!
Digital marketing works. We have proven this time and time again. The challenge? Integrating dozens of disparate digital pieces of the puzzle to work as one, with a strategy that optimizes your team and budget. A focused and fully integrated digital marketing campaign offers amazing return on investment for businesses of any size. By planning and executing a successful campaign, the template is set for future efforts. Curious how we work with businesses to build marketing campaigns? Drop me a line and I’d be happy to explain.
The world is at your fingertips, but first you must get its attention. How? Great content, and lots of it. Today, content is marketing. The shortest way to greater revenues and more customers is to efficiently produce content that your audience is hungry for. It’s an attention economy, and I’ve spent the last two decades grabbing the attention of millions of people with videos, podcasts, blogs, infographics, books, PDFs, social media, and training courses. Can I help you produce content that provides value to your customers while selling your product and service? Reach out.
Want to build a website with a real human being? One that speaks clearly, in non-technical terms? One who delivers on budget, on time? That’s me. I’ve built dozens of websites of all shapes and sizes. As a WordPress expert, I can translate your creative vision and business goals into digital reality. A great website turbocharges your marketing and sales, is easy to use for the customer on any device, and easy to update for the client. A great website remains secure and functional with little to no maintenance. Contact me now for a great website produced on a reasonable budget.
My artistic focus is on getting design done so you can profit. My style is whatever style sells your product or service. I view design work through a strategic lens. What look and feel will achieve the results you seek, and how can it be produced quickly and inexpensively? That’s the question I’ve been answering while designing literally thousands of ads, newspapers, magazines and catalogs, books, infographics, T-shirts, brochures, business cards, flyers, logos and style guides. I’d be happy to make your design the latest in my prolific output, just drop me a line.
What is a ‘career’ anymore? We are constantly challenged to upgrade our skills in this connected digital world. I’m passionate about helping others find their path to greater prosperity. Often all it takes is a little career guidance and a refresh of your resume, portfolio and/or online presence to to identify and seize profitable new opportunities. I’ve successfully coached folks to level up their jobs and their skills for many years. Most of my “students” grew their careers by leaps and bounds over a short period of time. Reach out if your career needs a refresh.